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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Today i dragged Dan to watch Veer-Zaara with me. It had its usual overload of songs and never ending change of costumes and impromptu choreographed dances. The story revolves around a Pakistani girl and an Indian guy. We all know how the story goes from here. Although the story line may have been oh so cliche, the issue is by no means that. Indian-Pakistani conflicts are still very real today, with the ongoing dispute over a once beautiful Kashmir that has been torn by war. Taking into consideration that India was parted into West and East Pakistan on the basis of religion, there will always be tension between both countries. East Pakistan(now known as Bangladesh) later fought a war with West Pakistan where India, the largest democracy of the world, with the support of the Soviet Union, aided Bangladesh in the war. Whereas America aided Pakistan. It is believed that Osama is currently hiding somewhere in Pakistan.

But the storyline was totally unrealistic. I mean c'mon, most Pakistani women live under the purdah and do not converse or have any physical contact whatsoever with men outside the immediate family. I told Dan today, 'The purpose of a Hindi movie is to illustrate a fantasy. Movies with no love story just don't make it big.'

I guess we deal with hard huge cocks all day, and the last thing we need is to sit through a sad ending. So i guess the happy endings and melodrama stays.

But for God's sake, don't overdose us with those damn songs.

Hey , just one small info, Pakistan is not like what it was 10 yrs back, things have changed now, and purdahs have come down drastically, except for the the NWFP (North west frontier province) where supposedly Osama is hiding based on news. Got a few frens there (gals ofcourse) thats how i know :) u can check more on the cricket match big naturals grounds too.. Good entries so far , but i have been lazy to comment, :p Cheers